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Please spend a minute of your time to support our site. is a fresh new encyclopedia about Bitcoin. This is an independent project existing thanks to the active participants of the Bitcoin community. But we have already invested a lot in its development. We translate articles into different languages on our own, ​​so people all over the world are able to find essential and unique information in their native language.

We believe that decentralization of knowledge about cryptocurrencies supports the main point of the concept of Bitcoin, so BitcoinWiki exists separated from other encyclopedic portals.


Anyone can support this non-profit project, which is being built on the enthusiasm of Bitcoin users. We are looking for friendly people who care about developing the Free Bitcoin Community. We need help, which includes writing articles and improving them, as well as spreading the word about the site.

In addition, you can donate to the Free Bitcoin Community fund. This project needs your help.


Collected funds will be used for translating the articles, creating infographics and developing the "Bitcoin-Quiz" project useful for testing one's knowledge of Bitcoin.