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21Mcoin – 21Million project – Children of Satoshi

21 Million Project (21MCoin) is a world's first crypto-funded blockchain Indy TV series. It is also known as Children of Satoshi – hard-hitting TV series set in the world of cryptography and espionage. ICO start date: 2017-06-28.

21 Million Project Review[edit]

The 21Million Project is the first full Indy Media Production Company that sits on the Ethereum public Blockchain. This is an open, transparent media finance platform where the first project is a TV series called 21Million – a thriller/mystery set in the world of the Bitcoin revolution. Ether is used as the primary cryptocurrency from which 21MCoins are purchased. USD is the primary fiat currency.

The 21Million Project is not building a Blockchain, instead they are collaborating with technology partners TokenMarket, WaveCrest and BlockchainLabs to white label proven Ethereum Blockchain components, - Wallets, Smart Contracts, Payment Cards and Mobile Apps to build a media finance and copyright collaboration platform. Ethereum is used as the primary cryptocurrency from which 21MCoins are purchased. USD is the primary fiat currency.

More information in the project whitepaper: here


21Million project – 21Mcoin – Children of Satoshi

21MCoin is a token which is supported by the Ethereum public network and use the standard ERC20 interface. 21MCoin is supported by Smart Contracts that effectively act as an Escrow agreement between The 21Million Project (“21Million”) and the Investors who purchases the 21MCoin tokens. Smart Contracts manage the interface between 21MCoin Wallet - EOA (Externally Owned Account) and the Master 21Million Smart Contract (Contract Account) from which any Royalties are paid.

21MCoin represents a contractual right to receive a royalty derived from the sale of 21Million content – the TV series. Early investors buying 21MCoin during the ICO will be entitled to receive royalties in perpetuity for Season 1 and follow on seasons.

21MCoins are directly linked to income streams from the direct or indirect sale of, or licensing of copyright for the 21Million mini series. 21MCoin holders do not own direct copyright of the content – more importantly they do own a share of future income streams that go with each 21MCoin token[1].

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  1. Project Whitepaper