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256 Ventures is a global cryptocurrency investment fund supporting young companies and startups using blockchain technology. The fund manages a portfolio of diversified digital assets. The company is headquartered in Singapore. 256 Ventures was launched in August 2018.


The organizers of the fund have been investing in blockchain projects since the beginning of 2017, having access to the best offers at the time of the first investment rounds of these projects. Among the most popular ones are TenX and Kyber Network. The situation on the cryptocurrency market has changed significantly since the fund began to invest in projects at an early stage. Earlier, in 2017, fund members invested in more companies with smaller check sizes. In the current market, 256 Ventures changed the direction of the strategy for assessing the prospects of projects and new deals.

According to representatives of 256 Ventures, the fund is no longer interested in investing only in ICOs. The company is following the emergence of new companies with hybrid investment models, which are of great interest to it.

In September 2018, the company took part in Singapore Blockchain Week. In Singapore, the blockchain week passed in the last week of September when CoinDesk hosted its Consensus conference along with many other thematic technical conferences: TechXLR8, Slush, and Switch.

In March 2019, it became known that 256 Ventures invested in Muzika. This project is a Korean music blockchain startup, founded by the Mapiacompany team and supported by major South Korean technology companies Kakao and Naver.

Portfolio Projects[edit]

Among the partners of the company are the following projects:


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