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2Miners pool was established in November 2017. The service developers are experienced miners themselves, which allowed them to approach the creation of a pool with a clear understanding of how it should look and what functions and conditions might be of interest to users.


The pool development team is represented by experienced Russian specialists:

  • Mikhail Korolev - Executive Director
  • Gleb Shirshov - Technical Director
  • Nick Saviny - Growth Marketer, Product Manager
  • Sergey Litovchenko - Lead Developer
  • Sergey Grushin - Lead Programmer.


Now the pool works with two main algorithms: Ethash (for Ethereum) and Equihash (for Zcash and Zcash-like crypto). These algorithms for coins are obtained with the help of GPU boards. The service provides two types of earnings awards for each coin: PPLNS and Solo. In PPLNS ("Pay Per Last N Shares") association of miners is working together to find the unit. When the unit is found, the reward is divided according to their technical potential and contribution to the production process. The second version is Solo. The reward is given to that member of the pool who obtained the block.

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