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AERGO is a 4th generation blockchain for corporate use.


The project is developed by Blocko, Which has been developing private blockchain solutions for corporate clients of South Korea since 2015. Key technologies of AERGO:

  • AERGO SQL - its own simplified language for developing smart contracts
  • Sidechain technology to create own networks with little cost and fees
  • Consensus Deterministic DPoS works on the basis of reputation and balance
  • The speed of operation is stated at the level of millions of TPS

Platform elements[edit]

  • AERGO Chain - blockchain itself with the language of smart contracts of AERGO SQL
  • AERGO HUB - application layer with two types of repositories: public and private
  • AERGO Marktetplace-application marketplace in the AERGO ecosystem

ARGO token[edit]

The ARGO token is used to pay for the work of smart contracts and the work of the DPoS consensus. The token is also used as a unit of account in the ecosystem of the AERGO.


  • Testnet - 4th quarter of 2018
  • Mainnet - 1st quarter of 2019
  • The launch of the hub and the marketplace – 4th quarter of 2019


A strong lineup of funds: Capital FBG, GBIC, Lemniscap, Rockaway Blockchain, Dekrypt Capital, Block Capital Crafters.


The project team consists almost entirely of the employees of the company There are also people with extensive experience in business development.


  • Big strong team with experience in blockchain since 2015
  • The presence of real customers in the field of blockchain from the parent company (more than 30 implemented projects)
  • Big plans for expansion (announced opening of offices in London and Hong Kong)
  • Support of funds


  • High competition in the subject
  • No metrics

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