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AQUA Intelligence is an absolutely safe platform with a huge level of transparency, for the development of which the most modern blockchain technology was used. Thanks to the solution, it is very easy to carry out the process of monetization and also to perform many operations that are associated with the tourism business. It is the artificial intelligence that is used in the platform that helps to increase revenue for both hotels and travelers.


This service can significantly increase the profits of organizations and recognition of the hotel itself, attracts new customers and makes the work much more efficient. Many customers can easily become members of a special community, where they can earn tokens, that can be used to pay for different services or products. All tourists can easily manage their travel, ask any questions just having a special mobile application at hand. The main components of this solution:

  • the main core of the platform. This is where the data is stored and the analysis is also carried out. All data is collected in advance from a large number of sources to provide services to customers.
  • application for mobile phone. With this application, anyone can earn some tokens, as well as receive special bonuses or even discounts on service in hotels. All information, thanks to the blockchain technology is encrypted and no third party will be able to gain access.
  • a platform that provides analysis of the above systems. Helps to easily provide a solution for any user before analyzed all interests or wishes. It also solves many issues regarding sales. Users can define suppliers, customers, and even the target audience.


The platform has made an absolute breakthrough in solving many tourist problems. All users will evaluate the most important advantages of this service:

  • thanks to the blockchain technology, all information, all personal data has multi-level protection.
  • artificial intelligence, which analyzes all statistical data and on the basis of conducts further forecasts.
  • the process of integration to other systems is as simple as possible.
  • every active user of the application on his mobile phone can receive a reward in the form of tokens for his work.

Ways to earn money on the platform[edit]

Each customer can easily earn tokens if they actively use the application and also take part in some events:

  • to carry out the process of synchronization with other social networks.
  • fully complete profile.
  • write some reviews.
  • participate and use programms to attract other participants.
  • share experience and information with other participants of the platform.
  • book hotels in the program.


Token sale began in early May 2018 and will last until the end of September 2018. The token of the platform is AQX. For the development, the technology of Ethereum was used. The price of one token is 0.25 USD. The funds raised are distributed as follows:

  • 10% legal expenses;
  • 10% operating expenses;
  • 20% Marketing Department;
  • 20% product management;
  • 40% the development of the platform itself.


The development team has a large number of people who are able to solve any problems of users. It brings together professionals from many areas: legal, marketing, financial, engineering, information technology. Almost everyone has experience in global projects that serve users from all over the world.


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