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ATC coin is India's first digital currency, which serves the ATC ecosystem as the primary unit of payment. Can be used as a settlement currency for purchases of goods or services. Can also be used for the internal functions of the ATC, for example: to generate tokens for transmission and storage or transaction fees for payments.

History of creation[edit]

Technology ATC coin belongs to the company Jewria Service Club India Pvt. Ltd. With twenty years of experience in various areas of business, Mr. Subhash Jewria created ATC coin as a counterweight to Bitcoin, which at that time was valued on exchanges more than $ 3000. This price made Bitcoin inaccessible to investment for ordinary citizens of India. Using his experience in MLM business, Subhash Jewria has developed and proposed its marketing plan to build a business in the cryptocurrency market using its own internal digital currency - ATC Coin, registered on may 11, 2017 in London, UK.

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