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ADUxHub, the “Adult X Token” (ADUX) and its integration on “ADUxHub” offer an absolute, never seen before, “all – in – one solution” for the adult entertainment industry.

The aim here is to bundle the most important niches of the adult entertainment industry on one platform and to provide the user with a decentralised network, with user-friendly handling. With the marketplace, live webcams and social network based on blockchain technology, the entire adult entertainment industry is drawing even closer together, as models/performers and companies from various niches in the industry can draw attention to themselves at „ADUxHub“.


  • Discount– and Deal Marketplace
  • Adult Live Webcams
  • Video On Demand, Video Sharing
  • Social Networking Platform
  • Affiliate Program
  • Mobile App for Android and iOS

ADUxPay A dynamic crypto-payments platform featuring fast, simple, and low-cost ways to pay and get paid worldwide, powered by our own banking/financial service provider.


  • Own banking/financial service provider
  • ADUxPay Prepaid Card Classic, VIP and Business
  • An cryptocurrency gateway, exchange and a wallet.

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