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Airgead platform converts precious metals into digital space. Material security of this cryptocurrency with precious metals allows its owners to get rid of the influence of the central banks and the government on their material well-being.


To use the capabilities of the Airgead Coin, it is enough to have a personal computer and an Internet connection. The price of tokens is 1 Airgeadcoin = 0.6 USD. Maintenance of the wallet does not require any extra costs. The owners of Airgeadcoin relieve themselves of the costs of storing and maintaining real precious metal ingots that require the company to service customers' accounts that keep their capital in gold or silver.


  • Airgeadcoin allows to use a wallet for free, sell precious metals on the Airgead exchange, use precious metals to buy goods and services, exchange Airgead tokens and receive precious metals as dividends.
  • The lack of the need to control metals for those who invest in the acquisition of metals. In the digital form, there is no need to spend savings on its storage. There will be no problems with transportation and transfer to anyone around the world.
  • The currency provided by precious metals excludes its devaluation and drop in value, which allows the owners of Airgeadcoin not to worry about the state of savings and not to waste time studying and forecasting exchange rates.
  • Airgead coins gives a number of positive opportunities in comparison with state banknotes, the main one is the limitation of cryptocurrency, its value will not affect anything. It will not be able to reproduce and thereby reduce the price in contrast to paper notes.
  • Using Airgeadcoin does not require absolutely no additional management costs, insurance premiums or storage fees.
  • A wide selection of coins of all precious metals will help protect the savings of users through diversification (dividing the capital into parts for storage in various deposits).


Contractual work is under way to cooperate with the exchange with the purpose of affordable acquisition of Airgeadcoin for a greater number of types of currency. The prospect includes entering into a partnership with a large number of platforms to increase the usability of currency in the cryptocurrency market. After the introduction of Airgeadcoin on the market, transactions will be possible throughout the globe.

Where to buy[edit]

Airgoadcoin can be bought for a cashless payment on the official website: With the help of the exchange services, Airgeadcoin cryptocurrency can also be purchased for cash and for other currencies: Bitcoin, Lightcoin, Ethereum.


Airgead ICO will be held from September 14, 2018 to November 14, 2018 and have a total delivery volume of 100 million tokens.


In December 2018, Airgead markers will be available for exchange of cryptocurrency. In March 2019, it is planned to provide access to digital encrypted silver and gold coins. Airgead's own blockchain is launched in conjunction with the first digital coins made of precious metals. And in April, the exchange of metals will be fully available. Ideally, by 2021, it is planned to start the collapse of the currency based on debts and the desire for decentralized control of capital by people from all over the world.

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