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Akaiito is a P2P platform, allowing the use of cryptocurrency in everyday life. It combined several aspects of life, offering users a marketplace, the ability to provide services, rental and a map, where users can pay with electronic money. The basis of all transactions are smart contracts. The platform is planning to use its own currency AIC. The use of Akaiito will make shopping online more secure.


One of the main problems facing cryptocurrencies today is the limited use of them. One of the obstacles is market volatility. The value of any coin is subject to strong fluctuations. Many online stores refuse to work with cryptocurrencies. On Akaiito sellers will be able to put the goods and set the price for them. Buyers will be able to find suitable positions and purchase them for the local AIC cryptocurrency. The problem of high volatility is solved by fixing the value of the coin at the time of the buyer's consent to the purchase of products. At the same time, sellers have a choice in setting a fixed or floating price (with reference to the exchange). But in the latter case there are risks of significant changes.


Akaiito plans to introduce a review when each buyer can leave the evaluation to the seller after the transaction. One of Akaiito's solutions is to block unfair participants of the system. Illegal goods may also be subject to it. This approach allows to completely protect other users from fraud. With regard to taxation, it is carried out in accordance with the laws of the countries in which users reside.

Principle of operation[edit]

Any user can create an account of the seller to sell their products. With the basic rating, they can trade goods for the amount of not more than 10 AIC. In order for the seller to start working with more expensive goods, it is necessary to improve the rating indicators. After each transaction, the estimates are set. In offset rating are estimates from 7 to 10. At the same time, for each point, the seller can increase the price of the goods by 1 AIC. To receive the product, the buyer scans the QR code from the courier. After that, the transaction is completed and the remaining tokens are transferred to the seller's account. If the client does not scan the QR code, the goods are sent back to the seller. Postal delivery fees are not refundable. Also, the seller receives some compensation.


The advantages of the platform include the following points:

  • everything in one place;
  • users will be able to significantly expand the scope of cryptocurrency;
  • developers want to create a large community that can use a single platform for a wide range of operations.


Payment for the service is only 3%, of which 1% will be returned to the buyer in the form of cashback. This function is implemented within the Akaiito platform. Each buyer who has accepted the goods (after reading the QR code) and left a review to the seller will be able to receive a reward of 1%.


The founders are Sergey Brek and Denis Kanavin. The team consists of Vladislav Garbuzenko, Sergey Ilchenko, Alexander Rakutin, Zachary Dane. The Akaiito team also includes experts in public relations and lawyers. The project also has its own advisors:

  • Francesco Redaelli, the founder of Koinsquare, an Italian blockchain community with more than 2,500 subscribers. Works as an expert advisor in several ICO, including Akaiito.
  • Denis Borodits, an Estonian politician and parliamentarian.
  • Philippe Putintsev, an entrepreneur with extensive experience in online commerce and marketing. Specializes in partnership programs, as well as innovation.
  • Roman Girbal, an entrepreneur and investor. Has mining experience, worked in the field of e-commerce.


The ICO was held from March 13 to April 18, 2018. Released 30 million tokens Akaiito. Of these, 75% is for sale, 7% is determined for marketing services, 3% will be paid to consultants, as well as within the bounty campaign. Finally, the team itself gets 15%. The company plans to achieve softcap targets of 1250 ETH, and hardcap targets in 25,000 ETH. The rate of one AIC token against Ethereum is 1ETH = 1000 Akaiito. The collected funds will be distributed as follows. Upon reaching the softcap, 60% of the collected money will be directed to the development of the project. 20% — distributed on advertising and promotion Akaiito. 10% - should cover operating expenses. 5% — sent to legal services. 5% - reserved for associated costs. Upon reaching the hardcap, 65% will be directed to the development of the project. 10% is planned to be reserved for advertising and brand promotion. 20% should cover operating expenses. 2.5% will be directed to the associated costs and legal expenses.

Bonuses and affiliate program[edit]

Akaiito project offers participation in the affiliate program. The essence of the income is to attract new investors or partners. The affiliate receives a 25% bonus for each referral, provided that he invested an equal or greater amount. To participate in the affiliate program, users must invest a minimum of 5 ETH. In addition, Akaiito offers participation in investment bonuses, which are provided for large investments. In this case, the accrual of incentives will be carried out step by step. If the investor invests 10 ETH, he can count on 1%. With investments of more than 1500 ETH, the bonus will be more than 20%.

Bounty campaign[edit]

The Akaiito team plans to distribute 900,000 AIC tokens among the participants of the bounty campaign. In total, three stages are planned. 80% of the total amount of tokens allocated to the bounty is distributed. Within the last stage, it is planned to place another 20%. As for the sites, the funds are distributed as follows:

  • 35% goes to BitcoinTalk users for posting Akaiito logo in the signature or on the avatar;
  • 20% reserved for social media users;
  • 10% is sent to users of Telegram and various media;
  • 5% is offered for translation and moderation.


Akaiito plans to sign contracts with those who will accept cryptocurrency. The essence is to get buyers a unique discount exclusively for token users. Also, the project expects to introduce two rental services of cars and apartments. In addition, in the future it is planned to create an additional section for the rental of equipment.

Benefits for investors[edit]

  • A truly innovative and useful product is offered – the main purpose of which is to promote cryptocurrencies and scale coin payments.
  • The team includes specialists from different fields, entrepreneurs, investors, developers with extensive experience.
  • There are clearly defined stages of work in the road map.
  • All necessary marketing research was carried out, the market feasibility of Akaiito was analyzed.
  • There is a referral program that allows users to receive significant bonuses for inviting new users.

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