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ALCEDO Platform is a german based company that offers a complete global eco-system. The ALCEDO-Platform includes all the important functions that are essential for handling crypto transactions from various wallets, coins, machines, etc.


ALCEDO makes crypto currencies accessible for everyone. The project aims at a widespread acceptance of crypto currencies and Alcedo-Tokens


  • ICO, starts on DEC 01 2018 and ends MAY 31 2019
    • Phase 1: 50% discount, 1 ALCEDO at 0.20 €
    • Phase 2: 25 % discount, 1 ALCEDO at 0.30 €
    • Phase 3: 0 % discount, 1 ALCEDO at 0.40 €
  • The goal for fund raising is 16 000 000 €
  • Means of payment: ETH, BTC, PayPal
ALCEDO Platform Review

Distribution of tokens[edit]

In the long term, 80% of the tokens will be distributed among all members of the ALCEDO community. In such case:

  • 40% of ALCE will be sold through ICO, which helps to stabilize the price in long-term
  • 15% of tokens will be distributed as referral bonus
  • 15 % for business

Technological Charakteristics[edit]

The operation of the ALCEDO system centers on the below components:

  • ALCEDO-Platform. It incorporates all the important functions that are required to handle crypto transactions from multiple wallets, coins, machines, etc.
  • ALCEDO-Coin. Denoted as ALCE, ALCEDO-Coin is an ERC-20 Ethereum compatible coin that will be used to carry out various functions in the system.
  • ALCEDO-Point. ALCEDO-Point is integrated to provide seamless assistance in order to make crypto exchange and trade easier and efficient for individuals.
  • ALCEDO-KATM (Crypto Machines). It is ALCEDO’s dedicated crypto ATMs that is programmed and developed by the team to offer a real-time exchange of cryptocurrencies.
  • ALCEDO-Wallet. Through ALCEDO-Wallet, individuals will be able to seamlessly manage numerous cryptocurrencies. They can send or receive cryptocurrencies like

Bitcoin, Ethereum, ALCEDO-Coin, etc. from any part of the world.

  • ALCEDO-POS Terminal. ALCEDO-POS Terminal is an interactive medium that connects with ALCEDO Platform to process cryptocurrencies and regular cards.
  • ALCEDO-Card. Integrated with NFC Chip, ALCEDO-Card can be used at ALCEDO-KATMs and ALCEDO-POS Terminals. It offers a convenient way of transacting in

cryptocurrencies without users having to deal with the complicated procedures of foreign stock exchanges.

Crypto Badges[edit]

ALCEDO is promoting transparency in the crypto space and was awarded the MVP Badge by Crypto-Potential[1]:

MVP badge, The project has the minimum viable product (MVP) which can be tested.


  • Q2 2017: Concept is born for spreading the use of crypto currencies
  • Q3 2017 - Q3 2018: Developing the concept
  • Q4 2018: Opening first ALCEDO-Point witch cash machine & starting ICO
  • Q1 2019: publish new Wallet and implement our core services
  • Q2 2019: finishing development of our POS-Terminals
  • Q3 2019: Open several ALCEDO-Points and franchising ALCEDO-Cryptomachines

The main competitors of ALCEDO are companies such as Unifox and Internxt.

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Social media[edit]

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