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Algoz official logo

Algoz is a crypto liquidity provider. The company is a subsidiary of the Fingenom Group. Algoz provides projects, exchanges and individual users with liquidity solutions and trading services for various crypto assets.


Algoz is part of the Fingenom company, which is engaged in the creation of trading algorithms. The company seeks to bring its new experience to the world of digital assets and promote cryptocurrencies using advanced trading solutions. Algoz's mission is to bridge the gap between a free-formed trading world and the growing cryptoeconomics, making it more reliable, progressive and affordable.

Product strategy[edit]

Algoz works with leading players in the cryptocurrency market and provides them with new liquidity solutions based on trading technologies developed by Fingenom. The company's product solutions are based on two important factors. The first is a proprietary technology: automated and based on predictive capabilities. Secondly, a team of developers and professional traders with extensive experience and a deep understanding of both the fiat and cryptocurrency markets. Combining these two aspects, Algoz works at the crossroads of trading technology and cryptographic protection.


Algoz has been working in the crypto sector since 2016 and since then has become one of the leading brands, providing a universal approach to satisfy its customers' liquidity needs. The company provides a wide range of services, such as market creation services, brokerage and over-the-counter services, project consulting and more.


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