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Amber AI Group is an electronic technology and trading company that specializes in trading cryptocurrencies, including futures, spot, options, swaps and other derivatives. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong. The company also has its offices in Shenzhen, Seoul, New York and Vancouver. Amber Group creates systems, processes and tools for trading cryptocurrencies and ensuring their liquidity using sophisticated quantitative research and modern technologies. The company was founded in 2018.


The main activities of the company are:

  • Liquidity Provision. Amber AI Group offers customized liquidity solutions including a wide range of instruments: spot, futures, swaps, options and other products across many electronic exchanges and alternative trading venues.
  • Risk-Taking. Run on computational techniques developed by the firm Amber Group combines proprietary models with practical knowledge of markets to capture inefficiencies. Several approaches such as volatility and relative-value strategies in warrants, options and decentralized financial applications deployed by the firm seek to identify trading opportunities through a hybrid approach that combines aspects of systematic and discretionary strategies.
  • Technology and Research. The company uses in the development more than 15 programming languages and it's a permanent member of a wide technological community. Amber's portfolio also includes many open source projects.


The co-founders of Amber AI Group are:

  • Michael Wu;
  • Tiantian Kullander;
  • Wayne Huo;
  • Tony He;
  • Thomas Zhu;
  • Luke Li.

The advisors of the company are:

  • Benjamin Falloon;
  • Jianwei Li;
  • Bo Feng.


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