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The world is moving towards developing smart cities where IOT and Sensors are going to create an era of information transparency and most business transactions are going to be automated. Such automation is not feasible without automated quality assurance and big data availability on demand. However supply chains today, across various industries, are fragmented and lack an interoperable data management layer that will make real time product status available across all stakeholders.

Ambrosus fills this gap by creating the next generation blockchain-based supply chain Data Management ecosystem which will enable seamless interoperability and transparent but access controlled data availability on demand for various cross-organizational applications.

Although our data management will be applied to multiple industries, our current primary focus is Food and Pharmaceuticals. Since they directly impact the health of consumers, these are the industries where there are several regulations regarding data storage and compliance is a big issue. Also consumers are becoming more conscious and are demanding high quality foods, which are produced in organic farms. We are enabling businesses to use this as an opportunity by providing technologies to consumers that would allow them to verify the quality of their foods and track its journey through the entire supply chain.

We are also certifying and developing Sensor Systems through partnerships with sensor manufacturers around the world, so that we can help industries get as much measurement and real time data online regarding food quality and storage conditions. This includes the development of smart packages and capsules with integrated electronics.

With the availability of all this data, we will provide DAPP Developer Tools to startups around the world so that they can build innovative solutions targeted to consumers as well as businesses. This could unlock business potentials and enhanced services at a massive scale.

Finally, Ambrosus is developing Smart Markets so that various supply chain elements can establish business relations in automated way with full assurance of quality of commodities purchased.


ICO start date: 2017-09-22


  • Ethereum Implementation Built; Multi-Chain Impelementation in Development- Marketplace powered by Smart Contracts Built- Sensors Prototypes tested- Several Use Cases and Pilots Performed (Olive Oil, Cheese, Baby Food, Seafood)- Support from United Nations, EIT Food Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and more (Ambrosus is Official Partner to UN Sustainable Food Progamme)- Financing from the Swiss Government (Department of Economic Promotion, Canton of Vaud, Switzerland)

More information in the project whitepaper:

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