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The Ammeris Blockchain Foundation is launching the Ammeris Platform,a sustainable,interoperable, and scalable blockchain network designed to host commercially viable dApps. The Platform is composed of the Ammeris Blockchain (the main ledger) and the Ammeris Blockchain Stack (ABS). The entire platform is operated by 100% renewables-powered and permissioned nodes that allow for the creation of segregated and/or application-specific ledgers.

Ammeris Coin (AMRS) is the Ammeris Blockchain-native cryptocurrency that serves as an access token and rewards staking on the Platform. Ammeris is pioneering industry-specific applications in healthcare, energy, insurance, entertainment, and capital markets. Ammeris has established the Ammeris Blockchain Foundation, while through other entities operating for-profit development, advisory, and asset management divisions geared toward offering Ammeris Platform client onboarding and management services.

More information on the project : Ammeris Whitepaper , One Page Infographic

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