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Anycoin Direct

Anycoin Direct is a instant buying and selling platform based in The Netherlands. It's operating in Europe supporting multiple direct payment methods, after a successful payment the bitcoins are sent instantly. This means that Anycoin Direct doesn't hold any customer funds.


Anycoin Direct started in April 2013 as Bitplaats, serving the Netherlands with payment method iDEAL.
Buy bitcoin (BTC) using SEPA on Anycoin Direct

On 1 January 2014 they started offering their services to Belgium customers with payment method Bancontact / Mister Cash[1].

On 6 July they changed their name to Anycoin Direct [2], expanding their services to whole Europe with the addition of payment methods: SEPA, Sofort Banking, MyBank, Giropay, Online Bank Transfer

  • Country: The Netherlands
  • Headquarter: Veghel
  • Type: Exchange
  • Round: Seed
  • Cost: $0.56 million
  • Date: 21-January-2015
  • Investors: Undisclosed


The service allows users to buy virtual currency in just five minutes: as soon as the system receives payment from the client, the purchased cryptocurrency automatically enters his account. This makes the system unique, because on other services the process of buying a virtual currency can take several hours.


Anycoin Direct service becomes available to almost everyone who wishes to European thanks to the integration of several popular payment services: "iDEAL", "Bancotact", "Giropay", "Sofort banking" and "MyBank", as well as SEPA Bank transfers.


Anycoin Direct focuses on support, offering a toll free telephone number, live chat and email support.

Supported currencies[edit]

Transaction fees[edit]

At the moment, Anycoin Direct takes a Commission of 0.3% in addition to the rate of the payment system chosen by the buyer, and 1% – for the sale of the virtual currency.

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Anycoin Direct website

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