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Atari Token

Atari Tokencryptocurrency created by the American company Atari, which specializes in the production of computer games. Atari Token was launched in 2018.


In February 2018, it became known that Atari was preparing to release its own cryptocurrency. To implement the plan, Atari received a 15% stake in Infinity Networks and gave it the right to use the brand. Atari specialists contacted one of the most professional technology concerns Infinity Networks, which already has a fair amount of experience in such matters. The French company Infinity Networks is currently helping Atari develop their own cryptocurrency, called the Atari Token, and the main goal of this cryptocurrency will be to allow the user to first buy any product from Atari (as well as from a third party) whether it’s a device or a movie, so that development is still internally directed.

It is also known that Atari coordinated its efforts with Pariplay specialists in order to later introduce a new casino platform that will also use the Atari Token currency system.

The news triggered a 60% increase in Atari stock prices, and investors favorably took the initiative of one of the oldest game console developers.

Atari (company)[edit]

Atari is an American computer games manufacturing and publishing company. Atari had a huge impact on the emergence of the video game industry as a promising area of the economy in the 1970s, and until 1984 held a leading position in the video game market.

In the history of the Atari brand, there have been six different companies bearing this name: Atari, Inc. (1972-1984), Atari Corporation (1984-1996), Atari Games (1984-2003), Atari Interactive (founded in 1996, from 1998 to 2000 - a subsidiary of Hasbro Interactive, from 2003 - a subsidiary of Atari, SA), Atari , Inc. (founded in 2003, a subsidiary of Atari, SA) and Atari, SA (founded in 2003, formerly known as Infogrames) is the modern owner of Atari.


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