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Atmchain is a virtual money resource that is designed for advertising on various media platforms. Developers of Atmchain cryptocurrency strive to create an "ecosystem" where all participants of the advertising business receive their reward – both publishers of ads and those who view them. Atmchain is mainly developed by Spanish programmers, including people who have graduated from the MBA Institute in Madrid. They are qualified specialists in the field of programming, advertising and public relations. Atmchain was established in August 2017.


  • Transaction monitoring. The advertiser can see that he paid for real views, that his money really went to cover the cost of advertising.
  • Anonymity. Although the "way" of funds is visible, the technology chain does not define the real names of advertisers and users of the platform. It allows users to do business simply and quickly, without resorting to legal difficulties.
  • Reward. All participants involved in advertising process get their fees.

Platform localization[edit]

Cryptocurrency Atmchain is based on Chinese industry. China has a huge advertising market - about $80 billion, and similar projects are rather popular. Forecasts are very positive: it is believed that in the next two years the advertising capital in China will grow 1.5 times. Atmchain also works with other countries in Asia. Advertisers from Europe, the USA, and Australia rarely use the services of this project, but in the future it is possible to introduce foreign (Western) capital.


Atmchain cryptocurrency in a short time was able to enter into an agreement with several financial institutions that now sponsor the Atmchain cryptocurrency platform, as well as with DECENT company. The protocols of this company are used as the basic cryptocurrency Atmchain, so DCT funds are also accepted for payment.

Where to buy[edit]

Cryptocurrency Atmchain is traded on Livecoin and HitBTC cryptocurrency exchanges. Its price is less than 0,2 cent. Capitalization of the project is $75 million.

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