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Azbit is a blockchain-based investment platform. It seeks to bring all financial assets with all assets under one single platform. The platform offers sophisticated investment instruments for investors. These include social trading, copy trading, and portfolio management.

Project Summary[edit]

On Azbit platform users can actively trade in crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat pairs stocks, and currencies. Traders are in for big benefits as they can leverage and attract investors, This, in turn, will increase their potential profit. Additionally, users can take advantage of algorithmic trading to buy and sell trading bots on the algo market platform. Azbit has collaborated with leading traders to build a convenient user interface.

AZ tokens are backed Azbit AG, a joint-stock company registered in Switzerland. Furthermore, AZ token holders will automatically become shareholders. Also, Azbit will share 75% of the total platform profits to AZ token holders

As an added advantage transparency in financial reporting will be ensured by a Swiss audit. Azbit will undergo a financial audit every 3 months and the results will be published regularly the official site.

ICO Details[edit]

  • Token: AZ;
  • Price: 0.00012$;
  • Method of payment: BTC, ETH;
  • Soft Cap:7,500,000 USD;
  • Hard Cap: 28,901,376 USD;
  • Start: 2018-12-01;
  • End: 2019-03-31.

Team and Founders[edit]

  • Chief Executive Officer - Max Zmitrovich
  • Co-founder - Prof. Alex Siow
  • Head of Strategic Planning - Lam Riki Pham
  • Blockchain Lawyer, AML-specialist - Andy Yeo
  • Chief Technology Officer - Andrew Rohau
  • Development (Project Manager) - Joachim Arthur Sorgho
  • Head of Operations Co-founder - Sergei Ermolitski
  • Chief Business Development Officer - Dmitry Gursky
  • Chief Marketing Officer - Alex Moroz
  • Co-founder - Michael Ermolitski
  • Chief Communications Officer - Azam Khodzhaev
  • Director of the Partner Department - Nikolae Kukuta
  • Business Development and Investor Relations - Yulia Gushchina

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