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The B2AND platform is based on blockchain technology. The developers of this project think that at the moment the modern world needs projects that develop cryptocurrencies and the very technology of blockchain.


The administration of the project aims to correct all the mistakes that other projects made. For example, slow transactions, big fees. The main problem of some projects is centralization. B2AND is the newest, easy-to-use decentralized platform, which has been launched recently. B2AND is a universal service platform that is suitable for any target group. B2AND can place advertising messages in a better way, as their ICO will be a mature, live target audience, ready to collaborate and invest in projects that are directly related to ICO and blockchain technology. The B2AND project is a marketing platform that operates 24 hours a day. Quickly overtakes its competitors, which are also based on the market ICO. Thanks to its ideas and new ideas, the B2AND project has become more recognizable in the ICO market.


The B2AND project launched the main stage of token sale on April 23, 2018. To get tokens, users only need to have an Ethereum wallet that supports ERC–20 technology. This technology allows to collect third-party tokens that are supported by Ethereum. Tokens will be stored on the wallet. After entering all the data and completing the tasks, the project tokens will be credited (usually within 2 weeks). After the completion of the main stage of the ICO, the project tokens are credited. After that, users need to wait for the token to enter the exchange.


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