BIP MergedMiningScript

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  • <Block header is on stack>
  • OP_SHA256d
  • PUSH...: various other merged chains as merkle links
  • PUSH: N of merkle links

Inside parent chain coinbase:

  • PUSH: coinbase prefix midstate
  • OP_SHA256 (to get a SHA256d result; the parent chain coinbase's txid)
  • PUSH...: various other transactions in parent chain (as merkle links)
  • PUSH: N of merkle links
  • OP_MERKLEROOT_FROMLINKS (stack now has the parent chain tx merkleroot)
  • PREPEND: parent chain version
  • APPEND: parent chain header ending
  • OP_SHA256d (stack now has the proof-of-work)

Dedicated merged mining:

  • APPEND: 16-bit time offset
  • APPEND: 48-bit nonce
  • OP_SHA256d


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