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Jump to: navigation, search cryptocurrency wallet is a multi-platform Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash wallet. On July 19, 2016 Blocktrail was acquired by Bitmain and subsequently re-branded to[1] Bitcoin Wallet in some circles also known as "the purse of Kilbaha". This application was the first of its kind mobile client, whose work was designed not for stationary devices, but for tablets and smartphones. The increased level of security allows you not to worry about the safety of funds – the client connects to the Bitcoin network directly, which excludes the receipt by third parties of your confidential data and access to existing assets.


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Mobile wallet Bitcoin Wallet is characterized by a fairly clear and simple interface – with the management of the application can easily cope even inexperienced novice, only comprehending the basics of work in the world of digital money. The wallet is secure-by-design, with users in full control of their bitcoin. is never exposed to, or in control of user funds. At the same time, you are provided with the necessary functionality without too many options, which will help you quickly navigate and choose the desired action. The team is committed in providing the safest wallet in the bitcoin industry with the most powerful features.

The wallet syncs across devices, making it simple for you to access your bitcoin anywhere, anytime. The wallet supports over 13 languages and over 25 currency denominations.


There are many exciting features in the wallet:

  • Master seed backup - one backup keeps your bitcoin safe forever.
  • private keys control
  • Buy bitcoin without any difficulties
  • Two-Key-Factor-Authentication
  • Creation of unlimited bitcoin addresses is available
  • Enhanced on-chain privacy
  • Use QR codes
  • Dynamic transaction fee - makes sure you are paying the optimal transaction fee to the bitcoin network with the fastest transaction confirmation times
  • Accelerated transactions - push your priority transactions directly to the mining pool for super fast confirmation times
  • Send to your friends easily without having to ask them for their bitcoin address
  • Transaction history with full transaction details
  • Customisation of wallet with personal profile picture
  • Supported languages: Spanish (Español), Dutch (Nederlands), Russian (русский), Japanese(日本語), Chinese(中文), Portuguese (Português), French (Français), Hindi (हिंदी), Swahili, Korean(한국어) , German (Deutsche) and Arabic (عربى).
  • Supported currency denominations: USD,EUR, GBP, CNY, PAG, ARS, BoB, CLP, PEN, PYG, UYU, VEF, CRC, MXN, NGN, INR
  • is one of the largest mining pools in the world
  • is part of Bitmain Technologies, the leading and biggest bitcoin mining manufacturer in the world

This app is free and open source software. You can view the code on GitHub at

Block Explorer[edit]

View realtime & historical data on bitcoin addresses, transactions and economy.

  • Mentions - See all the mentions of particular bitcoin addresses.
  • Stats - See all stats for particular addresses.
  • Search via QR - Search any QR code in one click, directly from our homepage Block Explorer

Bitcoin API[edit]

Your applications can access the data of the Bitcoin network via the API provided by BTC.COM. Bitcoin API

Mining Pool[edit] has launched a mining pool on September 13, 2016.[2] The mining pool provides FPPS mining approach.[3]

The team has created a new settlement mode called FPPS (full pay-per-share), which aims to benefit miners via high transaction fees. FPPS calculates a standard transaction fee within a certain period, adds it into regular block rewards (12.5 BTC for each block), then distributes the whole to miners according to standard PPS (pay-per-share) mode. This method retains advantages of PPS while paying more to miners by sharing transaction fees, increasing miners’ earnings by 10-20%. Mining Pool


View statistics for pool distribution, difficulty, block size, transaction fee's, block version, address rich list & more. Statistics


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