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BUSD is the very first Dapp project founded by BeTreasury, a blockchain company based in Zug, Switzerland founded in 2018.

BUSD is a cryptocurrency that is issued with USD as collateral, 1 BUSD=1 USD. It will initially run temporarily on the Ethereum blockchain, but in the future, all transactions will be performed on a highly scalable blockchain called the Fincubate (FCB) Financial Blockchain, which is using Graphene technology to realize a high throughput, capable of supporting high-frequency financial applications, allowing BUSD and other financial apps to be much more efficient and convenient. As soon as BUSD is issued, it can be used by BUSD wallets for transactions, for payment, for wiring, for reserves, etc. just like any other cryptocurrency. Customers can also convert between BUSD and USD at any time.

Behind every BUSD is a US dollar in capital reserve, or in other words, 100% of all BUSD in circulation has a corresponding USD asset in the custody of a third party financial trust as a reserve ratio. BUSD accepts supervision from financial regulatory bodies, and can be strictly audited by accredited third-party accounting and law firms. This guarantees transparency at all times and sets a high standard of trust.

BeTreasury utilizes the blockchain technology with BUSD to provide both individuals and institutions with a new method for transaction value. Both the issuer and market participant can take advantage of the consensus mechanisms inherent to blockchain to realize a fully transparent cross-border, cross-asset or cross-application P2P trades in real time.

Advantages of BUSD[edit]

Unlike most other cryptocurrencies, BUSD being backed by USD provides a comparatively stable purchasing power. Compared to other stablecoins, BUSD possesses the following advantages:

  • BUSD is backed by US Dollars and uses it as a collateral to create a simple and stable cryptocurrency. The 1:1 pegging mechanism is what allows BUSD to be a stablecoin.
  • BUSD will not have to deal with black swan events, liquidity crunches, or other similarly extreme market risks.
  • BUSD has a so-called “Gilt-Edged Bond” level of credit, and the dollar reserves that collateralize the assets are deposited in a bank account of a professional custodian. No one has the right to use or transfer these assets, and the value of assets in reserve will always be greater than that of BUSD in circulation.
  • BUSD is the only cryptocurrency that accepts supervision from financial regulation agencies, is verified by financial institutions, audited by internationally accredited accounting firms, and regulated by law firms.
  • BUSD will hire top global accounting firms to periodically perform audits, including but not limited to audits on the amount of physical assets, liquidity, safety, etc. Additionally, the audit reports will be publicly available on our official website.
  • BUSD integrates resources with merchants, exchanges, and various digital wallets, providing multiple types of transactions, such as B2B, B2C, C2C, etc.
  • BUSD, when ran on the FCB Financial Blockchain, with a comparatively high transaction processing speed, guaranteeing efficient, quick, safe, and reliable service to BUSD users.
  • BUSD’s issuance and redemption will not face any liquidity or pricing restrictions allowing users to purchase or redeem BUSD anywhere, anytime, at a low cost.
  • BUSD complies with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing laws and regulations while protecting user privacy. When users purchase or redeem BUSD, they will go through a KYC check, providing legitimate, legal service.
  • BUSD wallets provide customers with smart security and protection, supporting both soft and hard freezes on wallets and allowing users to track their assets in the event they are stolen; consumer rights are a top priority.
  • BUSD’s minting and burning are based on smart contracts, which are completely transparent and unable to be tampered with.
  • BUSD has a simple pegging mechanism and a strong payment system, allowing BUSD to be better used in day-to-day payments.
  • BUSD’s smart contracts will be audited with the cooperation of global auditing firms specializing in smart contracts, providing a security guarantee.

BUSD’s Overall Design[edit]


The first generation of BUSD will be established on the Ethereum blockchain and will support payment, e-commerce and other similar functions. Besides being secure, decentralized, and stable, BUSD’s design prioritizes user experience. By the time of release, the following six features will be available:

1) Verification of collateral assets

2) Stabilized price suitable for exchange

3) Convenient transfer and e-commerce related functions

4) Authorized holds

5) Anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing

6) Consumer protection

Applications of BUSD[edit]

Natural Persons[edit]

  • Trade in USD without the need for an intermediary agency, sending money around the world with low transaction fees.
  • Avoid storing legal tender on an exchange, lowering counter-party risk.
  • Use BUSD to hedge when the cryptomarket is trending downward.
  • Can store assets of equal value to USD without having to open a USD bank account.
  • Do almost anything that can be done with BTC but more conveniently.


  • BUSD can be used as a substitute for fiat currency, giving cryptocurrency investors faster, cheaper, and more free trades. This allows for more traffic on the exchange. The exchange does not need to assume the risks associated with custody . Instead, they only need to manage BUSD.
  • BUSD’s wallets provide smart security and protection and legal traceability ensures that user assets can be recovered in the event that they are stolen, greatly increasing the exchange’s asset security.

Cross-border Service Payments[edit]

The applications of BUSD to the field of cross-border payments not only integrates the major advantages of blockchain, but also shifts the risks brought about by cryptocurrency price volatility that these service providers taken on. For example: 

  • BUSD’s transfer speed is fast, allowing for a greatly shortened trading cycle. A cycle that originally took 24 hours or more can be shortened to 1-3 minutes.
  • BUSD wallets allow escrow payment, integrating the advantages of blockchain such as irreversibility, transparency, etc. in order to lower transaction risk.
                             ① Pay into escrow      ② Confirm escrow        ③ Send product      ④ Pay after order completion
  • BUSD is “friendly” to low-value payments since transaction fees are low; this provides an answer to the high-fee problem of small international remittance.
  • BUSD’s circulation is highly transparent, so all traded funds can be found and tracked.

BUSD Roadmap[edit]


Fincubate Blockchain (FCB) Roadmap[edit]