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BUZCOIN is a special cryptocurrency that is used as a unit for payments on this platform. The platform uses both different services for communication between people and services for trading. Tokens are used for all internal transactions between users.


The platform has a wide range of functionality:

  • availability of social networks. It is easy to create groups or communities where people communicate with each other calmly and well;
  • ability to communicate in messengers. Everyone can use calls, SMS, video for high-quality and interesting communication;
  • ability to conduct private conversations using encrypted communication channels. Thanks to the use of such channels, it is easy to exchange anonymous messages or documents. Such channels are well suited for private calls and messages;
  • an "app and app" model is used;
  • one application gives unlimited access to services and benefits, a large number of companies and organizations;
  • possibility of data operations. Users can easily share photos, information with many partners or friends;
  • availability of special services that host music. Each user has a unique opportunity to access public audio;
  • ability to share videos with other people;
  • availability of space to store a huge amount of news. Here users can easily buy any tickets for different events of interest;
  • the service has a special market where different goods and services are located;
  • the ability to buy and sell goods easily;
  • availability of suitable job search;
  • availability of the place where the ads are placed, with regards to the sale and lease of real estate;
  • a huge number of different online stores;
  • a place where users can exchange different cryptocurrencies.


The founder of the project is the famous Russian star Olga Buzova. Another founder of the project is her director, Aram Archer. Another organizer and coordinator of this project is Andrey Semin. The press attache of the platform is George Ehrman.

Road map[edit]

The map of this project has the following components:

  • pre-sale period started in April 2018;
  • the main token sale period of this project will last from June to September 2018;
  • in September 2018, all tokens will be sold and necessary investments will be made for further development and implementation of the platform;
  • the last quarter of 2018 will be devoted to the purchase of everything necessary, as well as the development of the necessary software.


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