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Block by Block Capital (BXB Capital) - is a South-Korean global private fin-tech hedge fund, that blends finance and technology to grow and support the blockchain industry.

It is primarily focused on asset management and joint-venture acceleration, but also deploy capital in market investments. BXB Capital offers product and corporate financial advisory to emerging blockchain technology, digital asset, and mining companies.

Primarily consisting of American and Korean partners, BXB team is expanding its global network and strategic partnerships across Asia, Europe, and America in both tech and finance sectors. With operations in Singapore, Korea, United States, British Virgin Islands, Japan, and Estonia, BXB Capital can connect these local communities and more into a global network, block by block.

BXB Capital

History of foundation[edit]

On October 24, 2017, the company co-founders established BXB Capital from their passion for emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. Their initial building blocks started with global crypto arbitrage, prop trading, and exploring the APAC, US, India, and Europe markets.

Empowered by continued success, BXB expanded its activities into prop trading and venture building throughout 2018. Since its inception, BXB has evolved and refined its focus by diversifying a portfolio across various emerging technology investments and opportunities. As the underlying technology continues to mature, the company expanded its research, analysis, and hiring to focus efforts on identifying opportunities ripe for new technology applications.

Expanding global footprint allowed the company to connect and align with the top entrepreneurs, technologists, liquidity providers, investors, and activists in this space. With primary operations in Singapore, South Korea, the United States, and the British Virgin Islands, BXB Capital can connect these local communities and more into a global network, block by block.

Investment Philosophy[edit]

Interview with Alex Friedberg (Co-Founder, BXB Capital, Block Live Asia 2019)

BXB Capital applies a comprehensive strategy, relying on the fundamental principle of investing: diversification. BXB strives for consistent returns while reducing capital risk exposure. Investing with intelligence is our premier guiding principle. It comes from understanding the cost of capital, the risk-free rate, and the average market return. Experts in finance, business, and technology, BXB advisory team offers the support needed, allowing you to focus on what matters: your mission, your product, and most importantly, your customers. While highly selective in our portfolio considerations, we support businesses in any life cycle state.

BXB key support areas include:

  • Corporate structuring for a global business
  • Financial advisory and asset management
  • Business and go-to-market strategy
  • Product development and UX consulting


Alex Friedberg, Co-founder BXB Capital
JJ Petersen, Co-founder BXB Capital
  • Alex Friedberg – Co-Founder
  • JJ Petersen – Co-Founder
  • Marketa Poskierova - Executive Assistant & Head of HR
  • Carl F. Petersen – Chief Investment Officer

KRWb – Korean Won backed stablecoin[edit]


On January 29, 2019, The BXB Capital founding team launched KRWb, the first stablecoin backed by the Korean won. It has been created to provide a higher level of liquidity to cryptocurrency exchanges, and to develop global accessibility for transfers in and out of South Korea. It is the first coin in a 1:1 ratio to South Korea's national currency.

This coin project is incubated locally out of Korea by two of co-founders, Jiho Kang and Hwan Kim. The project is built on stablecoins concepts such as USDT, TUSD, and other fiat-backed coins, and localizes them to address the capital control-heavy Korean market specifically. The team has developed KRWb by evolving concepts leveraged during the founders' early 2017 venture, which was initially focused on capturing the Korean-American crypto-to-fiat arbitrage route.

KRWb plans to be fully capitalized and 1:1 backed with the Korean Won being held unleveraged in a Korean bank account. BXB Capital team also plans to work with 3rd party auditors to provide account balance transparency. A KRWb stablecoin has two significant advantages for traders and businesses alike.

Firstly, it gives Korean traders the ability to denominate in KRW while still participating in the global crypto markets.

Secondly, it will provide global investors with access to the Korean crypto-economy without the need for a bank account in the country. The KRW should be available worldwide to any user who has access to an ERC-20 global compatible service, and users should not need to access won to be able to transact KRWb tokens. South Korea is one of the world's largest markets for cryptocurrency trading, with KRWb trading accounting for more than 30% of the global trading volume.

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