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BaseFEX is a cryptocurrency derivative trading platform. It is owned and operated by Base Investing Corporation, which is registered in the Seychelles and has distributed offices.


BaseFEX is a cryptocurrency derivative exchange developed by two individuals, Jesse Wu listed as the Chief Executive Officer and Issac Zeng as the Chief Technology officer. Jesse Wu is a software engineer, a serial entrepreneur and a veteran trader of stock, forex & crypto, both in spot and futures markets. His friend, Isaac Zeng, a software engineer as well who programmed the matching engine of Huobi exchange. They decided to start a company together to solve the issue that they have not found satisfying cryptocurrency futures exchange.

According to them, their vision is to use cutting-edge technologies to deliver the best possible service and user experience on the market. On the official website it's mentioned that BaseFEX’s mission is to provide a reliable, transparent and advanced cryptocurrency derivative trading option on the exchange to make trading smooth, secure and accessible for everyone worldwide.

The company behind BaseFEX is Base Investing Corporation, a registered company on Seychelles with registration number 205276. The team is working from Beijing, China.

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