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BeQuant is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges developed by BeQuant Exchange Limited. The headquarters is in Malta. The platform was launched in September 2018. The team that develops this business has been working in the blockchain field since 2012. BeQuant team includes technical specialists, experienced financial experts and traders.


BeQuant cryptocurrency platform supports a competitive reward structure that is attractive to the most influential market makers. This increases the overall liquidity of the crypto platform. The exchange has a wide selection of coins with high liquidity. BeQuant supports both cryptocurrency and fiat trading. A distinctive feature is the use of modern APIs (FIX, REST and Websocket). There are no restrictions on the input or output of digital assets on the cryptocurrency platform.


BeQuant Exchange, a cryptocurrency exchange, in September 2018 announced the launch of its activities in Malta and the opening of a new office. The main goal of the company is to strengthen the stability of the cryptocurrency sector. The Malta office is already the second exchange office outside BeQuant headquarters in London. It provides the same services available to UK customers. The new office is located in the center of Malta's St. Julians business district. The BeQuant Exchange Maltese division allows customers to trade a wide range of crypto assets on a platform protected by two-factor authentication. Using their BeQuant Exchange API, customers can take full advantage of the capabilities of their trading bot by receiving low latency data. As Malta sets out clearer rules and regulations for the digital asset class, BeQuant plans to establish itself as the leading regulated exchange for serious investments.

BeQuant Direct[edit]

In May 2019, it became known that the cryptocurrency exchanger and the main brokerage business BeQuant launched the new BeQuant Direct service. It offers a low latency trading platform for institutional and professional traders. This service will meet the needs of professional BeQuant customers. Using the routing of FIX 4.4 orders and connecting to market data, traders can execute up to 1000 transactions per second at login. The BeQuant Direct platform is able to work with the most demanding trading strategies.


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