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Bibox exchange has a simple and accessible interface and stands out for its reliability, simplicity and functionality. It allows users to easily work with cryptocurrency.

History and ICO results[edit]

The creators of the Bibox platform are Chinese developers.

The modernization and development of The Bibox portal is carried out by managers who worked with the portal Thanks to their work, the site has become one of the most popular exchanges. The creators of Bibox assure that they can serve more than 10 million participants at the same time. The exchange is able to carry out more than 1 million transactions every second.

In the early autumn of 2017, a fundraiser was held through the ICO. The participants were provided with detailed information about the performance of Bibox exchange. A day through the area Bibox is the order of $ 48 million. The founders of the project argue that this figure is constantly increasing.


The exchange has an internal token-BIX, which allows users to save a huge amount of Commission on fees. This currency in its structure and functions is no different from the funds that are used on similar exchanges. The estimated value of one Bix currency is $ 1.3. Currency is purchased immediately after registration on the project.

Registration and verification[edit]

A new participant can register on the trading floor without any difficulties. It is enough to visit the official website of the project.Bibox website has Chinese, Korean and English versions. A user who does not speak a foreign language can use the built-in translator.

Verification on Bibox consists of three levels. The first is given immediately after registration on the exchange website. Cryptocurrency withdrawal is available every day, but there is a limit of 2 BTC for a beginner. To increase the daily limit to 30 BTC, users need to send copies of their identity documents and fill out a brief information about themselves. It is possible to completely remove any kind of restrictions on the daily withdrawal of the cryptocurrency, the project participant should personally contact the operator of the Bibox support service.


The interface of Bibox exchange is quite simple and convenient for a beginner. On the main page at the top there are menu buttons. Below there are pop-up windows, which present the latest information on available discounts, bonus programs, distribution of free cryptocurrency.

Users receive the following information:

  • lowest price per day;
  • the highest price for 24 hours;
  • total trading volume for the last 24 hours;
  • fluctuations in the trade;
  • present value;
  • ticker.

E-wallet replenishment options[edit]

Bibox exchange offers its clients a huge selection of cryptocurrencies that can be deposited and withdrawn. Information about withdrawal and replenishment of the personal account are in the personal account in the section Funds. The developers of Bibox exchange tried to add all known cryptocurrencies to the list of digital money. The exchange offers investors to purchase the internal currency of the site. There is a Deposit button near the icon with the name of electronic funds. This option becomes available only after verification, at least the first level. Also, authentication can be passed through the Google Authenticator system.


In the central part of the trading platform there is a chart that displays the quotation process. On the basis of these quotations, the purpose of investment is determined, that is, what transaction is best to make to increase profits. Bibox has specific indicators that are used by customers as a good forecast of the trade. There are three forecasting tools on the platform:

  • The Stochastic Oscillator;
  • The Relative Strength Index;
  • MACD.

The presented trading instruments are constantly used in forecasting risks in the financial sector. Under the indicators there are the windows where orders are placed. The buying or selling process is done through this exchange interface. The user is required to fill in the empty fields. They indicate the amount of cryptocurrency that a person wants to spend on buying or selling.

Withdrawal of funds[edit]

To withdraw the earned cryptocurrency from the exchange platform, users need to go to their personal accounts and open the Finance tab. Only when withdrawing money, the withdraw button is selected. Then users should choose a wallet that supports a cryptocurrency output. In the empty field it is needed to enter the number of digital storage, at the end the system will ask to confirm the operation on Bibox.

Commission fee[edit]

When trading, the platform takes a fee of 0.1 percent of the transaction amount. But this figure is reduced if the work is done with the internal cryptocurrency Bibox. To do this, the Bix token is selected in the payment settings.

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