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A market exchange site serving those trading between Bitcoins / Litecoins and PLN, EUR and USD.

Adding Funds[edit]

BTC / ETH / LTC[edit]

Bitcoins/ Ether/ Litecoin funds are credited to the exchange account after three confirmations. Deposit fee - 0 BTC / 0 ETH /0 LTC


PLN wire deposit fee - 2 PLN. Poczta Polska deposit - 0 PLN Express Poczta Polska deposit Express bank transfer


EUR wire deposists fee – 0 EUR. Credit and debit cards - Mastercard and Visa


USD wire deposists fee – 0 USD. Credit and debit cards - Mastercard and Visa

Withdrawing Funds[edit]

BTC / ETH/ LTC[edit]

Bitcoins/ Ether / Litecoins withdrawal fee - 0.0002 BTC / 0.00084000 ETH / 0.005 LTC/.


Wire withdrawal fee - 1 PLN. Withdrawal can be made by Bluecash - 10 PLN up to 5 000 PLN. Money order via InPost Finanse ­- 4.50 PLN + 1% of withdrawal value Withdrawal from ATM - 10 PLN or 20 PLN


SEPA withdrawal fee -1.00 EUR.


Withdrawal can be made by wire transfer - 0.35% (min. 5.2 USD, max 45 USD)


The service launched publicly on March 29, 2014 . BitBay is operated by BitBay Sp. z o. o., located in Poland. On December 12, 2014 BitBay announced the launch of a 2.0 version.

In January 2016 BitBay wa san authorized Collection Center of the 24th Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is one of the biggest charity event in Poland. Every year, it is supported by 120 000 volunteers who register and run around 1500 Finale Centers all over Poland and abroad. During the collection BitBay has raised 1.86345367 BTC

April 2016, BitBay has announced the inclusion of Ether as a tradable asset. BitBay supports Ether trading including following currency pairs: ETH/BTC, ETH/USD, ETH/EUR and ETH/PLN.

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