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BitCare is Android app for tracking bitcoin wallet balance, trading on Mt.Gox, monitoring mining pool hashrate, balance, worker status etc.

Interface and functionality[edit]

  • Track bitcoin wallet balance
  • Monitor mining pool hashrate, balance, worker status
  • Trade on Mt.Gox


  • Check your bitcoin balance
  • Monitor hashrate, balance and wokers
  • QR codes for All text fields, no extra configuration
  • Trade on Mt.Gox. One-click orders
  • 1x1 & 4X1 widgets to keep you informed.
  • Multiply mining pools supported:, BitClockers, BTC Guild, BTC Mine, DeepBit, Eclipse Mining,, Slush’s pool
  • Nice widgets will notify you, even if the app is not running

The application uses BBE-Block Explorer. Online block chain browser which displays the contents of individual Bitcoin Blocks and Transactions and transaction histories and balances of addresses.


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