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A mining pool. was created with an emphasis on performance, reliability, and user support.

Features include 24/7 Live Chat, an active forums community, real-time worker statistics tracking and mining hardware giveaways/contests.

The service was first available for beta testing starting May 26, 2011.

Pool Features[edit]

  • Merged Mining: BTC and NMC
  • Real-time statistics
  • Reward calculator
  • SSL Encryption
  • JSON API for miner status
  • Protocols supported: Stratum, GetBlockTemplate, GetMemoryTemplate, GetWork
  • Difficulty: Dynamic - 0.5 to infinity in multiples of 2

Reward distribution[edit]

  • Bitcoin Pay-Per-Share: 5% fee.
  • Namecoin Proportional: 5% fee.
  • Minimum payout is 0.01 BTC/NMC
  • Pool pays for invalid blocks.


  • - Load balanced between Denver/Chicago/Zlin
  • - Chicago, IL USA
  • - Zlin, Czech Republic EU
  • - Development pool, only produces testnet coins.

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