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BitKonan is a crypto exchange created in 2013 in Croatia. The company's servers are located in the Netherlands and USA. The exchange allows trading only two trading pairs: BTC / USD, LTC / USD. The platform supports English only. The exchange prohibits trading to American investors. The transaction commission is rather small - 0.29%, but is slightly higher than the industry average, which is 0.25%. BitKonan is a centralized exchange, which means that traders have the opportunity to buy, sell or exchange crypto currency for fiat money. This technology provides the greatest security, and besides can carry out a global market coverage.


The process of registration on BitKonan is simple and standard. The user needs to put his name, surname and e-mail address in the required fields. After the first entry, users will need to provide a national ID number, a driver's license scan or a passport. In addition, they will need another supporting document. After verification, the user will be able to replenish the deposit, and start trading without any restrictions. All contributed funds will be automatically converted into US dollars. The minimum deposit amount is $50.

Input and output of funds[edit]

To withdraw funds or replenish the account, there are several ways:

  • international bank transfer with a commission of 0.12% of the amount. The minimum amount is $10, the minimum withdrawal amount is $100.
  • Croatian bank transfer, where there is no commission, but this type of transfer is relevant only for residents of the euro area.
  • bank transfer SEPA. In this case, the minimum deposit amount is 50 euros, and the commission fee is 10 euros. Based on security considerations, the first deposit application of the user can be withheld for up to several days.


Support for bank transfers and SEPA.


  • The mobile version is not represented on the platform, which is a significant drawback, as it is now impossible to imagine a serious stock exchange without a mobile version.
  • The small number of trading pairs.
  • The absence of special security measures, in addition to the standard two-phase authentication.

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