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BitMarket Square is Bitcoin's first online BitCoin Dedicated Marketplace


The site is online marketplace forum dedicated to the Bitcoin Economy, a place where people looking to sell, buy, or trade goods and services can go and advertise their wares.

BitMarket Square gets its name from Market Square, which was the town center "Farmers Market" area of Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia since its draft in 1699. In 1722 King George I officially authorized markets and established fairs at Market Square for “for the Sale and Vending of all, and all Manner of Cattle, Victuals, Provisions, Goods, Wares and Merchandises, whatsoever”. By the end of the century, there were six markets a week selling hams, oysters, fish, fowl, sheep, wheat, corn, and a good deal more. Most famously, on July 25, 1776, Lawyer Benjamin Waller proclaimed Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence from the Courthouse steps.

We feel that BitMarket Square embodies and combines the spirit of the original Market Square, and that of the BitCoin movement.

The site was made available on February 25th, 2011


BitMarket Square uses SiteLock and Comodo +SSL for your protection!

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