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BitWhite (BTW) is a cryptocurrency appeared in the summer of 2017. According to official information, it is not in any way connected with Bitcoin. The developers claim that it is written under its unique code and that it includes the best of Ethereum and Bitcoin.


BitWhite main feature is the implementation of the application development platform. The platform software is implemented in JavaScript and Node languages. It uses the DPoS language and is open source.

BitWhite coin[edit]

  • Year of creation: 2017;
  • Symbol: BTW;
  • Block reward: 3 BTW, will be reduced to 0.5 BTW;
  • Block generation time: 20 seconds;
  • Validation algorithm: DPoS;
  • Number of delegates: 101;
  • Selection of delegates: voting.

Where to buy[edit]

BTW cryptocurrency can be bought on BITFLIP exchange.

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