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Error creating thumbnail: Unable to save thumbnail to destination was the biggest bitcoin exchange in Europe and was only surpassed by MtGox in terms of EURO volume.

They offered instant registration and trading and imposed no restrictions and limits on withdrawals and deposits. EUROs could be deposited instantly by credit card and bank transfer. You could also trade in USD, which could be added by credit card, bank wire and MtGox Code. was not charging any fees for Bitcoin transactions, which only needed 3 confirmations to reach

A number of concerns had been raised about Bitcoin-24's stability and security. In april 2013 the site was closed by the authorities, some of the cusomer's fund are still tied up in litigation in 2014. [1]

Director: Simon Hausdorf Address: 69 Great Hampton St, Birmingham, B18 6EW, Great Britain


  • The exchange was first live in May, 2012.
  • In April, 2013 the exchange suspended operations after its bank in Poland closed the exchange's bank account[2].
  • In April 2014 the exchange reopened.




  • Bank wire transfer (International)
  • Credit card (instant through LiqPay)
  • Redeemable code (Mt. Gox, VouchX) (fee applies)


  • SEPA/Bank wire
  • Sofort (instant within the EU)
  • Credit card (instant through LiqPay)
  • Redeemable Code (MtGox, VouchX) (fee applies)
  • GIROPay


  • Bank wire transfer (International) [Converts to EUR]


  • Bank wire transfer (International) [Converts to EUR]


  • Bitcoins may be deposited free of charge.




  • SEPA wire
  • Cash (via DHL) (fee applies)


  • A 0.0005 BTC transaction fee applies for each withdrawal of bitcoins.

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  2. Bitcoin-24 Down after a corrupt trade engine gives free money