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Bitcoin-JSON-RPC-Client is a lightweight Java bitcoin JSON-RPC client binding. It does not require any external dependencies.

Code Example[edit]

<source lang="java">

private static final Bitcoin bitcoin = new BitcoinJSONRPCClient();
public static void sendCoins() throws BitcoinException {
bitcoin.sendToAddress("1EzGDMdqKW5ubTDNHSqCKciPkybGSvWgrj", 10);
public static void receiveCoins() throws BitcoinException {
final BitcoinAcceptor acceptor = new BitcoinAcceptor(bitcoin);
System.out.println("Send bitcoins to " + bitcoin.getNewAddress("NewAccount"));
acceptor.addListener(new ConfirmedPaymentListener() {
HashSet processed = new HashSet();
public void confirmed(Transaction transaction) {
if (!processed.add(transaction.txId()))
return; // already processed
System.out.println("Payment received, amount: " + transaction.amount() + "; account: " + transaction.account());
try {
if (bitcoin.getBalance("NewAccount") >= 10)
} catch (BitcoinException ex) {


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