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BitcoinMag provides users with the best information about investing in cryptocurrencies and altcoins. In addition to breaking news about the digital currency market, readers can also find in-depth reviews, guides on buying, trading and investing in cryptocurrencies, latest crypto prices, guides and analysis. Everything needed for virtual currency trading can be found in one place on BitcoinMag.

BitcoinMag's team consists of former financial traders, blockchain experts and enthusiasts, and cryptocurrency journalists who help provide an informative and educational portal.

BitcoinMag provides unique analysis and insights into future trends and predictions while simplifying complex topics and industry jargon. BitcoinMag has content for beginners, experienced traders, or those who want to keep up with market trends, as well as the latest altcoins.

BitcoinMag Feeds :[edit]

BitcoinMag covers the latest breaking cryptocurrency news, and our RSS feeds allow market insights in cryptocurrencies to be delivered straight to your computer or smartphone.

Popular Categories:[edit]

Here are our some of the most popular RSS content categories:

A full list of RSS feeds exclusively from BitcoinMag can be found here:

Audience (list main geos and monthly users)

BitcoinMag has 80-90K users a month from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other German speaking territories.

BitcoinMag also has a sister guide site called