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BitcoinWikipedia BTC is an online encyclopedia all about the cryptoworld, built on the principles of Wikipedia. Here you will find information about blockchain, bitcoin, altcoins, exchanges, wallets, projects based on blockchain technology, and different ICOs.

The project was created by an anonymous community of crypto enthusiasts in 2014. Anticipating the coming boom in the public's interest in the cryptocurrency, this anonymous community decided to create a repository of knowledge about the cryptoworld in a high-grade crypto encyclopedia or BitcoinWikipedia. The name was chosen as a tribute of respect to the first cryptocurrency.

In its activity, embodies one of the driving principles of the cryptoworld – anonymity.

Our values:

  1. Knowledge. We are positive that the highest of human ambitions is a passion for knowledge. Access to information about the world we live in is necessary for successful self-development.
  2. Liberalism. We believe that knowledge should be accessible to the entirety of the world's population, regardless of race, nationality, language, gender, age and social status.
  3. Openness. The information on our portal is freely available and open for editing.
  4. Reliability of information. Our team works directly with projects’ teams, conducts thorough moderation of articles and edits, and fact-checks. ####

Our mission is to make knowledge about cryptocurrency available to everyone.
We invite not only experts but also all newcomers to the cryptoworld to become part of our community and participate in the creation of quality content. Anybody wishing to expand their knowledge and gain new skills is welcome!

Any website visitor who observes the rules can create and edit articles:

  1. is an wikipedia about the cryptoworld; all of its articles must center around this topic. Articles that do not fit with the theme of the website or contain spam will be immediately deleted by the project team.
  2. Users who try to post spam will be immediately blocked by moderators.
  3. When creating personal pages, users should not add links to third-party resources. Any user who does will immediately be blocked by moderators.
  4. If you write an article about a controversial issue, always strive to present all major points of view about it.
  5. Do not post texts and images protected by copyright.
  6. When creating an article, it is obligatory to include links to the sources of the information.

A crucial feature of the project is the responsible moderation of articles. Any changes made by members of our community are only made visible to all members of the community after having been checked and approved by the team.

BitcoinWiki is an independent project that exists due to active participants in the crypto community. The project does not have a central editorial council nor an editor in chief.

If you have not found answers to your questions in this article, or if you have suggestions or wish to cooperate with our project, you can let us know in our telegram-chat and twitter, or contact us at [email protected].

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