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Bitcoin Dice

Bitcoin Dice is played with fairness and anonymity. Most sites providing this Bitcoin Dice game run a Provably Fair system. Seeds and secret hashes are shown publicly so that players can use these details for an instant verification of the winning results’ authenticity. On the other hand, making an account is not required. Players just have to save the password or personal URL given to make their ready made account accessible even when using a different computer.


Make Money With Bitcoin Dice Games

Bitcoin dice games are by far the most popular Bitcoin powered casino game available online. Players often regard it as the most pure form of gambling, as dice sites allow entering precise levels of risk and reward, typically at a fixed with a fixed house edge. Often you can bet if the number will be "lo" or "hi", giving players an illusion of control. Most dice sites offer a form of provably fair, to allow the player to verify the results were not tampered with.

Making a deposit and receiving payouts when playing Bitcoin Dice are near instant. In just few minutes, players can get started playing the dice and get his payouts. No more hassles and long waiting times because every transaction is processed immediately in addition to the fact that transaction fees are kept at a minimum rate.

Bitcoin dice has a long, documented history in the bitcoin community. One of the first Bitcoin casino SatoshiDICE, famously invented the game. While the games are there with antique graphics or (perhaps) more entertaining, Bitcoin dice remains number one for one reason: it's simple. Bitcoin enthusiasts are attracted to simple solutions. These sites allow you to enter the exact number of winning percentages and variable rewards, which are part of the reasons why they are so popular.

It can be argued that bitcoin DICE is the direct implementation of online gambling. Select a number and place a bet. New dice games appear every month-some are cool and some are weakly tried by imitators. TheBitcoinStrip has all the newest and best Bitcoin dice games and we will try to review each one.


Strategy doubling down[edit]

The most well-known technique in online gambling is also known as the martingale system. Quite often it is the cause of the loss of the bankroll. The concept is very simple – if the bet loses, then next time you need to double it. After the victory it is necessary to return to the initial amount. By increasing your bet, you will always pay for everything that has already lost. Plus, it's already starting to be your net winnings. This idea seems to be a win-win. Really, what is probability that you will lose 10 times in a row?

Nevertheless, the reason why martingale will fail players is that the chance of losing each time will always be the same and previous draws do not affect the next. Therefore, even if, throwing a coin 10 times in a row fell eagle, and with a probability of 50% it will fall out next time. The bet amount is also increasing exponentially, and for wagering the initial bet of 0.001 BTC will have to risk hundreds of dollars.

Many who use the strategy of doubling rates are forgotten and without any analysis of the situation are lost in the dust. To win in the bitcoin dice using this method only if after reviewing all the prospects and a short distance away.

Strategy Passwords[edit]

Another progression that is used in the bitcoin dice is a system of Passwords. Its essence comes down to doubling after the victory. Unlike martingale, in case of loss we should return to the initial bet. You should also start all over again if there are 3 consecutive wins. Strategy Passwords is an excellent choice for those players who prefer small risks. However, no one is immune to a huge streak of failure, when no strategies can help achieve the desired prize.


There are plenty of other techniques that players like to use especially in bitcoin Dice. One of them recommends that you put your entire bankroll to win 95% as long as the amount is not doubled. After that, the funds should be withdrawn. However, this method is not insured, if you happen to lose. According to another system, you can put a hundredth part backroll 50 times the chance of winning is 1%. If there is a win, the earnings will be significant. If you lose all 50 times, then try to play for the remaining amount with a probability of 50% to return the original bankroll.

Some players just make the same bets over and over until they get an increase in seed capital. To do this, many game sites have an automatic game configuration system.

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