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Bitcoin is experimental decentralized crypto currency which allows payment over the whole world. This system uses the technology “peer-to-peer” (p2p). Neither situation on the market nor central governing body affects it, all transactions’ control and giving of money are made in the network.

Currency in general meaning

How the Bitcoin economy works

Kate would like to buy wares, made by Dima. In her turn she has to give him something equal to Dima’s wares, because he has spent several days in order to make wares. Barter in this case is impossible because there are some difficulties in determination of the value. And currency makes the trade easier.

What does Kate undertake? Outwardly it looks like that: she transfers currency to Dima’s account. But actually there is the next situation: before Kate set up her account, she has filled an agreement and pays annually certain sum of money for service. Bank knows exactly where, how much and wherefore Kate spends her own money. For this knowledge bank takes money. Banks were created in order to track money transactions of citizens and in order to follow them in case if it’s necessary to inform some state structures about incomes.

Such system has a range of disadvantages:

  • It is expensive – annual payment for credit cards’ service can be 3000 RU per year. You can pay interest to the bank from the each deal.
  • It is slow – the procedure of transaction confirmation, blocking of means, and its charge-off will take about 3 weeks
  • It is clear – the most of deals are not anonym, that’s why accounts can be easily frozen or fined
  • It is selective – there is a range of juristic persons who could not use bank payment systems like VISA, Mastercard, Paypal and others because of refuse.

Currency as Bitcoin

Bitcoins are valuable and its quantity is limited. Such crypto currency can be compared with gold. The process of its mining is very difficult because it has appreciated value. This crypto currency can’t be duplicated or copied, bitcoins are not under control of the central governing bodies, they can’t be frozen or fined, and they can be used as a currency. Bitcoins are digital cash but not a debt issue of the issuer, this differs it from traditional non-cash payment and electronic money. They will not devaluated because of political situation of central bank of our country or any other country, like it has happened with dollar, and euro recently, and with rubles in 90th because all transactions happen without issue center.

Creation of coins

There are some restrictions for bitcoins production as well as for other currency but issue happens inside the network. Coins are mined very slowly according to all agreements. Why this process takes a lot of time? In order not to devaluate coins there was created a speed function of totally mined bitcoins, depending on time. It is inversely proportional; it means gradual decrease in speed and its urge towards zero. Every 4th year the volume of bitcoins decreases on 50%. That’s why it is clear that as a result there will be just 21 billion of bitcoins, which can be used for payment of wares and services.

How coins can be issued? The process of production of bitcoins is known as mining, from English mining means mining operations. Software with open source code is used for this purpose; it is set in participant’s PC. With the help of network protocol a lot of customer cash-boxes unite in the peer –to-peer network. Coins’ generation depends completely on computer computing power. Participants- miners write down all transactions in general Bitcoin data base, acknowledging in this way. They get compensation in the capacity of issued bitcoins.

Every 10 minutes in the system appear coins in blocks. Its quantity in these boxes decreases 2 times every 4 years: in 2008 mining compensation was 50, since 28 of November 2012 – 12. These bitcoins are a compensation for block creation. According to predictions in 2131 year an issue will be totally finished, it means that compensation for block creation will be 0 coins. In this case compensation for supply of network functioning will cross from issue of new bitcoins to commission accepting for transaction input to the new block. Nowadays some transactions have commission; miners get it including it to the next block. Transactions with commission have priority comparing to others.


Bitcoins can be sent to any participant of the system without any restrictions, without agents and financial organizations. You can even use not the total coin but its part including the 8th sign after decimal point (0.00000001), it is known as satoshi in the honor of Bitcoin founder. While transaction of the certain sum from one user to another one new transaction is being created, it includes hash from the previous one (it means a memory about all previous transactions). This information is transferred to network by means of broadcast query. In the network all other units should check the signature before processing.

All transactions have an open access, any participant can see it. But real data about owner are hidden. The place where all users’ transactions are being kept is the chain of blocks, whose transaction can be made via JSON. Each block contains a title with certain characteristics; the most important among them are hash and the list of transactions. Per se each block contains all data about transactions, which have been made from the moment of Bitcoin network creation.

Bitcoin statistic

In April 2013 about 67% of all transactions have been made on the exchange ground Mt.Gox, placed in Japan. In February 2014 this ground has the 3rd place according to trade volume on the market.

More than 100 suppliers take bitcoins already in exchange for network services and real wares. Bitcoins are also actively used as a kind of help for somebody in charity. Among users there is a rule to name bitcoins as BTC. According to information in February 2014 the rate of bitcoin is 600 USD per 1 BTC.

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