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Bitcoin Gambling Guide

Bitcoin Gambling Guide is a website that covers up all the information that you need to know about bitcoin gambling. Choose from the popular games like roulette, blackjack, slots, craps, baccarat, and video poker among many others, and be amazed at how easy and quick it is to play these games in a bitcoin casino. With just a few clicks, you can already enjoy them and collect loads of BTC as your payouts.

Bitcoin Betting - this is one of the first topic you need to know, it covers up a little introduction about bitcoin betting and the process or step by step guide in betting.

Bitcoin Online Gambling - includes various of online gambling activities.

Gambling Sites accepting Bitcoins - there are different Bitcoin Gambling Sites to choose from, it is important to choose the best websites. Legal Issues - discussions when it comes to legality of Bitcoin in the world of online gaming.


Due to the numerous advantages one can get with bitcoins, bitcoin casino and gambling are now on the rise. Bitcoin gambling will surely make your gaming life fun and exciting in the most convenient way. Since gambling with bitcoins are just new, you must consider several aspects as you need to learn important things concerning betting with bitcoins like the back of your hand. This Bitcoin Gambling Guide will surely aid you to the right bitcoin betting path. Bitcoin Gambling Guide Review emphasizes features such as easiest way to browse articles, latest news, and full reviews of all bitcoin betting sites online.

If you go to and watch for a few minutes after the last transaction, you can see that a significant portion goes to SatoshiDICE. This uncomplicated observation gives some insight into what part of the bitcoin economy gambling takes.

Bitcoin Gambling - Double or Nothing - VegasCasino Review

SatoshiDICE is a gambling game, is remarkable in its simplicity, and because attractive. All you need to do is to send the bet to the specified bitcoin address of the type 1dice..... Each address corresponds to the number S from 1 to 64000. After the transaction is received, the server starts a random number generator. The resulting random number P has a uniform distribution from 0 to 65535. If P<S you win, otherwise you lose. The payment is instantaneous-the winning amount in case of success or a symbolic amount like 0.01 mBTC in case of failure. Of course, each bet has its own multiplier, proportional to the risk. SatoshiDICE itself leaves about 2% of the bid due to the fact that the multipliers still less probability.

Example bet 1 MTC at P < 64000. This is sent 1 PTS to the address 1dice9wVtrKZTBbAZqz1XiTmboYyvpD3t In case of winning receive 1,004 PTS, if you lose a few fractions melibatkan. On the main page of S. DICE hangs a counter of bets and winnings, which at the time of writing shows an impressive 2.800,000 watts.

According to statistics, S. DICE provides about half of the transaction traffic in the bitcoin network. The profit from this enterprise at the end of 2012 amounted to 33300 VTS, the average turnover growth of 78% per month. 10% of the shares of S. DICE on MPEX traded. Given their volume and value, as well as the bitcoin exchange rate, the company's value is currently about $9mn. In addition to S. DICE, there are many "regular" online casinos with the expectation of bitcoins. One of the biggest is bitZino, offering blackjack, video poker, roulette and dice. For the first year, bitZino has earned the order of 10,000 PTS, played games for a total of about 665000 PTS. The number of unique users by the end of 2012 approached 4000. The average volume growth was 30% per month. The most famous bitcoin poker club is Seals with Clubs. For 16 months of its work, the turnover amounted to 110,500 watts. The club attracted 10.5 thousand players, an average of 10,000 hands per day. In the development is an application for Android, which can potentially increase turnover by several times.

Looking at these figures, we have to admit that at the moment gambling takes a significant share in the bitcoin economy. Along with" popular " mining, it is the largest source of attracting people and money to the network. Bitcoin because of its anonymity is perfect for gambling. With it there is no need to Shine your Bank account with participation in a poker tournament, pay taxes on winnings. There are no restrictions imposed by the laws of different countries (including Russia) in the gambling industry.


Most of the online casinos provide users with a certain bonus on the first Deposit (its amount can vary from 30 to 100%). Using second-generation crypto platforms, bitcoin casinos can create their own bonus currencies: for example, equating 1 coin to a certain amount of Satoshi. This is especially useful if you are talking about multiple sites, United by a single network.

By the way, most recently, a children's game server Minecraft PlayMC was introduced bitcoin, so that children can get an idea of the digital currency.

Another striking example of the impact of bitcoin technologies on gambling is the p50pot game, in which bitcoin is a blockchain as a battlefield or, if you like, a game Board. According to the rules of the game, during the round, users send small parts of bitcoin to a special address. In order to win, it is necessary that your transaction is in the middle of the list at the time of the end of the round. If luck smiled at you-you get all the cryptocurrency sent to the address specified at the beginning of the round.


The fight against fraud and money laundering continues to be a serious expense of online casinos. On some services, this struggle is paranoid, and to fall into the field of view of the security service often means losing their money forever.

However, this situation has developed in the market for a reason, and the main claims to frozen deposits are associated with the dubious origin of funds. Using bitcoin as a payment tool, you do not need to keep a whole staff of employees who will keep track of each game of poker to ensure security. The security service of triptocaine enough to have at his disposal the visualization of the blockchain and trace the relationships between different services and bitcoin addresses. In addition, such tools already exist and are developing successfully.

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