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TA market for trading bitcoins that runs on the i2p anonymous network.

Notice - While this exchange appears to technically be functional, there does not appear to be any open orders nor any trading activity.

The objective of the Bitcoin Exchange is to provide a convenient electronic exchange to facilitate the buying and selling of commodities in complete anonymity where no transaction is traceable back to anyone. No identifying information is ever requested from traders and no paper or electronic trails of any kind exist.

The exchange allows trading between bitcoins and the account-holder's USD balance.

The account holder's USD balance is then anonymous as well, as the only USD funds that will ever be added to or withdrawn from the exchange are transacted through the site's operator.

The operator of the site, maxkoda, registered on the Bitcoin forum just days prior to launching the site. With any Bitcoin exchange, there are verying levels of risk that funds deposited in an account can be accessed at a later time. Even more caution might be warranted regarding funds held by an exchange accessed solely through i2p.

Adding Funds[edit]


There are no fees incurred when when transferring bitcoins for deposit. Funds are available once confirmed.


There are no methods for adding USD funds to an account other than to sell bitcoins within the exchange which adds to the USD balance on the account.

Withdrawing Funds[edit]


Bitcoins may be withdrawn without charge.


There are no methods for withdrawing USD funds from an account other than to purchase bitcoins and then withdraw those bitcoins to sell elsewhere.


An API to access market and trade history is being developed.


The site was first described on April 9th, 2011 and was given a more detailed announcement on April 18th.

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