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Bitcoin-Watch is a freenode IRC channel that streams live market quotes, transactions, and blocks, formatted for easy scanning. Bitcoin-Watch provides a real-time snapshot of a number of data attributes relating to Bitcoin.

This website is not to be confused with the Bitcoin-Watch IRC channel on freenode which streams data.

Donations accepted at: 1Lg7peCQCBRBsmZJ5MoXikuQ25oZ4voBit

Data Attributes:

  • Economic size (e.g., total bitcoins generated and value)
  • Transaction statistics
  • Exchange rates and exchange data.
  • Network hashrates (mining).

The network graph shows mining activity over the prior seven days.


The site has operated from at least 2010. On March 27, 2011 the Bitcoin Charts service announced it now owned Bitcoin Watch[1]


Example of interface of Bitcoin Watch

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  1. has a new owner