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Bitcoin Roulette example

Bitcoin Roulette is an exciting and lucrative casino game for you to try your hands. Roulette Players do not have to search for more because the rules, betting systems, strategies, information on Bitcoins, and even domains to enjoy this Bitcoin game are already offered. It is a one-stop shop for all your needs and wants when it comes to making the most of Roulette with Bitcoins. Payment transactions when playing Roulette with Bitcoinsd are near-instant. Due to Bitcoin’s peer-to-peer nature, deposits and withdrawals are processed in a flash. When sending a deposit, just one network confirmation is needed; hence, it is credited in your account in as fast as few minutes. On the other hand, withdrawals are sent promptly so long waiting times are not needed. Bitcoin Roulette is a fun and advantageous game you must make the most of. Learn all the necessary information about this game at Best Bitcoin Roulette. [1]


The Bitcoin roulette that is mostly offered in gambling and roulette sites is based on the European roulette. In this way, you can ensure that you will have more chances of scoring big payouts as there is only one zero on the wheel.

When you bet on roulette with bitcoins, you will notice that you wager on inside and outside bets, just like in roulette games offered by regular online casinos. However, thanks to the use of bitcoins, the process of betting has become a lot easier. [2]

Some roulette sites allow players to simply send their wager directly from their BTC wallet to the dynamically registered address of their bets. This process doesn’t require a registered account. On the other hand, some gambling sites require players to create an account and deposit bitcoins so that they can place their bets.

Varieties of roulette[edit]

Roulette differ in the number of zeros on the wheel. The main varieties include:

  • American. Contains 2 zeros, which are called "zero" and "double-zero".
  • European. Containing a single zero.
  • French. If the player gets "zero", then the rate of 50% is lost, and the remaining 50% are assigned to the next game.

Roulette selection criteria[edit]

Bitcoin Roulette Strategy

In order not to worry about the profitability of the cryptocurrency, you need to choose an online casino, according to the criteria that will be described below.

  • The existence of the license. It is important for the game to choose a Bitcoin roulette without attachments with a special license. If it is present, the information about it is displayed on the main page of the site. At the moment, there are many casinos for the extraction of cryptocurrency. Day by day, they get the same right to play. However, until now some of them remain unlicensed companies.
  • A gaming platform. You need to choose a casino with a well-known platform. Bitcoin portals can have flash games, a mobile version of the casino and a working loader for your computer. Such a set of is the most preferable. The most famous software developers for roulette Bitcoin are an Aristocrat, Playtech, Betsoft and other companies.
  • Reviews about the casino. Be sure to check in the search engine positive and negative opinions from the participants. And also read how fair the game goes and whether the gambling house pays the winnings to its participants. It is important to take into account the wishes and comments of at least 20 people to objectively consider the casino for the game.
  • Responsible gambling. Despite the fact that the casino will be for many customers a real exciting adventure in the world of cryptocurrency, you should not go into all the trouble and make big bets even if it comes to free Bitcoin roulette. It is much smarter to start the game with small bets and be able to stop the fun in time.

Following the detailed instructions and taking into account the nuances of choosing a gambling house, you can start to extract cryptocurrency and multiply it. In any casino, funds are withdrawn and made anonymously.

Since Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, public authorities will in no way be able to block such an account. This fact attracts people who want to become professional players in the arena of casino online. I would like to mention that the roulette game is the most visited by the participants. The list of Bitcoin roulette sites can be viewed in the search engine or use the recommended sites in this article.

The advantages of earning Bitcoins in a casino[edit]

Each game has a number of advantages over others. Let's get acquainted with the advantages of online casinos:

  • Unimpeded withdrawal cryptocurrency. It is noteworthy that the player will not be asked for copies of passport data. The system will transfer even small amounts of money in the digital wallet within 10 minutes.
  • Free access to the game. Bitcoin roulette is a free game that does not require investments of personal funds.
  • Provably fair is a special program that is a confirmation of honesty, works on mathematical calculations of cryptocurrency.
  • Online gambling is possible even in States where casinos are prohibited by legislation.
  • To popular technology roulette include "Fibonacci method", "Cuban system" and "method Matrigel". In fact, there are a lot of them. For each method, information is available in the virtual web.

List of Website that offers Bitcoin Roulette[edit]

Play Bitcoin Roulette Online
  • CryptoGames Provably fair bitcoin roulette supporting many altcoins. European variant with lower house edge. Play also with faucet!
  • CoinRoulette Provably Fair - HTML5 - Anonymous
  • Casino Evolution The future of iGaming - Casino Evolution offers a fully equipped Live Dealer Casino Platform allowing clients to play with Bitcoin, Litecoin & Peercoin. Offering Roulette in our live dealer casino and regular format HTML5 platfroms.
  • Casino Established in 2013, offers Provably Fair HTML5 Roulette. Play for Free or as low as 1mBTC!
  • Roulette 100% provably fair Roulette
  • CoinRoyale Roulette HTML5 provably fair Roulette. Instant play after deposit, no registration required, low house edge and of course, Provably Fair.
  • BetChain Roulette

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