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Bitcurex is a European bitcoin exchange launched in 2012 and supporting PLN, EUR and USD trading.


Set up in July 2012, Bitcurex is based in Łódź, Poland. The cryptocurrency exchange is operated by local company Digital Future Ltd. Introduced first on BitcoinTalk forum on July 16, 2012.

After a hot wallet hack in March 2014 the exchange extensively tightened its security with proprietary features protecting users' data and funds going forward.

Bitcurex still holds a fraction of users' funds in a hot wallet.

Transaction limits[edit]

Bitcurex offers very high transaction limits for unverified users:

Unverified user:

  • BTC - deposits, withdrawals without limits
  • FIAT DEPOSITS - 15 000 EUR / 16 000 USD / 60 000 PLN limit in total
  • FIAT WITHDRAWALS - 15 000 EUR / 16 000 USD / 60 000 PLN limit in total
  • Trade - no limits

Verified user:

  • BTC, EUR, PLN, USD, trade - no limits

Verification process allows using the same document as proof of ID and address and is completed within 24h from submission.

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