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This project is built on blockchain technology to make transfers quickly and with a minimum commission per transaction.


The necessary legal documents for the operation have already been obtained. All activities are licensed and fully legal. Bitex successfully copes with their tasks in eight countries. The developers are working on the implementation and further development of remote service without cross-border problems.

There is a system BitexPay, through which users can pay for purchases in hundreds of thousands of stores, and make transfers around the world. There is a loyalty program and cashback. A lot of solutions for trade in different areas are implemented, as well as an innovative possibility of obtaining borrowed funds with minimal risk on the basis of smart contracts.


The main advantage is that payment cards have already been issued and put into operation, which are accepted by the majority of ATMs everywhere. This gives additional opportunities not only to cash, but also to carry out various operations through an ATM. AML/KYC give access to fast credit. Token systems traditionally meet the standard ERC20 and have a ticker XBX. This gives a good supply of liquidity and security. These coins can naturally be used as a means of payment within the system. The project plan includes the release of three hundred million coins, with a price of $0.5 at the pre-sale stage.

  • Country: Argentina
  • Headquarter: Buenos Aires
  • Type: Exchange
  • Round: Seed
  • Cost: $2 million
  • Date: 15-Jan-2014
  • Investors: Undisclosed

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