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Bitexalt Agencies is a professional Indonesian crypto community, who has technical expertise are excellent at support and are led by an elite team of managers. Established in October 2017 in Southeast Asia, Indonesia. Deri Septian Nugroho is the Founder of Bitexalt, initially their services were only for Community Moderators on the telegram group of an ICO Project, one year of standing services was increasing, including Bounty Management, Community Management, Design Announcement Threads, Bitcointalk Optimization, Telegram Optimization and translators. Many projects have been handled, either using NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) or Public services.

Starting in Q4 2018 Bitexalt is actively promoting for User Targeting Services with a Campaign "Make Indonesian Your Biggest Community Base". so services are not limited to ICO projects but also exchange companies that want to target INDONESIA as the target of their community. with a relatively cheap price, Bitexalt believes that the services they provide are the best.

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