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Bitspark was founded in 2014 and was the first in the world to send a cash-in and cash-out Bitcoin transfer between Hong Kong and the Philippines. It was the first time the industry saw a “real life” application of cryptocurrency. Since then, Bitspark has been the pioneer of cryptocurrency adoption by building market ready, cash-to-crypto products and services that make it easier to buy, exchange and sell crypto with cash in Asia.

Products & Services[edit]

Mobile app[edit]

The mobile app is a crypto wallet with added features that make it easy to exchange between crypto, local currency stablecoins and cash. There are multiple withdrawal and deposit options, but the focus on cash is what makes this app unique. The app is available for download for both Android and iOS.


  • Multibalance wallet with support for 12+ cryptocurrencies and stablecoins
  • Send and receive crypto peer-to-peer
  • Exchange between stablecoins and cryptocurrency
  • Deposits and withdrawals for both cash and crypto
  • Map with Cash Points nearby
  • Pay bills (in selected markets only)


Sparkdex is Bitspark’s decentralised exchange, a high frequency p2p trading platform for advanced users to find unique market opportunities trading cryptocurrencies and local currency stablecoins. The trading activities on the Sparkdex is what gives the rest of the ecosystem market depth and liquidity. As they create more stablecoins pegged to emerging market currencies, more unique opportunities are available on the exchange.


  • Gateway to [DEX]
  • Decentralised trading is safer: user controls own keys and funds
  • Popular markets include BTC, ETH, BTS, BitUSD, Sparkdex.HKD, Stable.PHP and ZEPH
  • No AML/KYC steps required to start trading
  • Advanced trading: HTLC for atomic swaps, direct debit authorisation, market fee sharing, technical analysis tools

Cash points[edit]

Cash Points are shops, or individuals, that have signed up to our network to serve App users that want to cash in and out. Using the web platform, Cash Points manage their crypto funds and make the cash trades on which they earn a percentage fee.


  • Cash, cryptocurrency and stablecoin balance management.
  • Cash in/out transaction verification tools.
  • Multiple sub accounts for shop chains and networks.


ZEPH is the rewards token which users can earn by referring Bitspark to new users. The rewards token has a buyback system where 25% of exchange fees are used to buy back ZEPH from the market, increasing positive price pressures as the network grows. ZEPH can also be traded against other cryptocurrencies using the mobile app, web platform and Sparkdex.


Maxine Ryan[edit]

Maxine Ryan is COO and Co-Founder of Bitspark. The Forbes 30 Under 30 (2018) Honoree founded Bitspark in 2014 and pioneered the world’s first cash in, cash out bitcoin transfer.

Since then, she has grown the company to over seven markets across Asia and Africa, bringing cash to crypto as a service to individuals and businesses with Bitspark's half a million cash point locations. Bitspark was also the first in the world to launch a stablecoin for Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Maxine specialises in cryptocurrency innovation and contributes frequently on Bloomberg, CNBC, Forbes and SCMP. She also is an international speaker on stablecoins and cryptocurrency application in emerging and frontier markets.

George Harrap[edit]

George Harrap is CEO and Co-Founder of Bitspark, and an early adopter of Bitcoin and blockchain technology having started in early 2011. His work has been recognised by financial institutions, governments and the media with organisations such as Goldman Sachs, Citibank, KPMG, Accenture, Nikkei, SCMP, The New York Times, RT and many more. George also advises the Hong Kong and Australian governments on Fintech policy.

Often a speaker and educator on blockchain technology, George has been part of many events in the areas of payments, cryptocurrencies, remittances, bitcoin and blockchain. He recently published an e-book on the impact of cryptocurrencies on the money transfer industry, which can be viewed here.

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