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Zephyr project, ZEPH, token, sale

Zephyr (ZEPH) is a tradable rewards token for Bitspark’s remittance network. The Zephyr token is awarded to Bitspark customers who do economically beneficial actions for the company’s network and from each successful transaction, Bitspark dedicates 25% of the service fee to buy backs from the Zephyr Market.

ICO start date: 2017-10-06

Zephyr Project Review[edit]

Zephyr Project – Token sale, ZEPH Review

For those who invest or trade Zephyr directly from the market, they are incentivised by Bitspark’s buy back strategy which in turn will provide liquidity as well as potential for positive price pressure.

Bitspark has been providing blockchain remittances via their web platform and mobile to seven markets since 2014. Zephyr is an important component to Bitspark’s expansion in the APAC region and globally as the company will utilise Zephyr as apart of its marketing strategy to attract new customers as well as maintaining existing ones. If a customer sends, receives, tops up balances and/or verifies IDs, for example, they are rewarded with Zephyr within Bitspark’s product offerings.

Zephry Roadmap Outline available on Bitspark’s Latest Steemit Post


Bitspark was founded in 2014 and was the first in the world to do cash-in, cash-out blockchain remittances. Since then, the company has introduced two products: Bitspark, a money transfer platform for businesses and, Sendy, a blockchain remittance app for individuals. Both products are functional across seven countries including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Nigeria and Ghana and provides cheaper, faster remittances to more destinations.

In October 2017, Bitspark ended their ICO for Zephyr. The money raised will go directly into funding Bitspark’s 100% bankless mission and the launch of 180+ fiat-pegged cryptocurrency. The mission will leverage Bitspark’s locations spanning from 500K+ shops world wide to become the cash-in, cash-out points for cash based remittance customers while providing businesses and individuals access to 180+ currencies previously not available before.

The company has gained wide recognition through the financial technology industry. Bitspark has won international competitions for its product and services and have participated in incubation and accelerator programs world wide. Most notable programs have been Accenture Fintech Lab and SixThirty. Bitspark in 2017 also secured funding from America’s third largest insurance company Reinsurance Group of America (RGA) before the Zephyr ICO.

Technical​ ​Features[edit]

Zephyr is utility token that runs on bitshares blockchain (UIA). There is no smart contracts behind it. The purpose of that token is reward system. Can be used to be traded against any other existing coin on BitShares (on DEX).

Platform and Mobile App
Bitspark recently announced its move from Bitcoin to Bitshares blockchain to facilitate its remittances. Reasons for the change included lower and predictable transaction costs, access to exotic currencies and removal of counterparty risks that Bitshares can bring.

Wallets​ ​and​ ​Exchanges[edit]

Zephyr is available for trading via the Bitshares DEX. Bitspark will be launching on more exchanges in 2018.

How to buy here :

Token sale[edit]

Bitspark will be starting the Zephyr Token sale period on 1st of September, 2017. The token salewill adhere to specific timelines and goals which are defined below with a funding goal of $10M USD and a market cap of 2Bn Zephyr Tokes with 30% available to the public via auction prices.

Zephyr token price (ZEPH)[edit]

On BitcoinWiki there is a relevant Zephyr price and market capitalization from the Coinmarketcap widget:


2017 MAY – First Bitspark, UNDP, AltFinLab Mission;
2017 MAY – Bitspark, UNDP & AltFinLab Begin Planning Tajik Pilot;
2017 AUGUST – Announcement Made Regarding Bitshares Switch;
2017 SEPTEMBER 6 – Bitspark Zephyr Token Pre-Sale Launch;
2017 OCTOBER 6 – Zephyr Token Sale Begins;
2017 NOVEMBER 6 – Zephyr Token Ends. Participants issued Tokens;
2017 Q4 – Tajikistan Pilot - Technical Testing & Validation;
2017 Q4 – Tajikistan Pilot - Live Launch. Zephyr token integrated into Bitspark;
2017 Q4 – Market Expansion in Tajikistan;
2018 Q1 – Deployment of Pegged Cryptocurrencies to all Bitspark countries;
2018 Q2 – Expansion in Bitspark Destination Countries and Beyond.

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