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Bittwatt project plans to create an international decentralized blockchain-based platform to bring together as many power producers and end consumers as possible. For this purpose, a platform with simple, transparent and clear terms of use will be created, which is beneficial to both customers and companies. Bittwatt plans global expansion, opening offices in major cities, including London, Bucharest, Singapore and many others.


Manufacturers will be interested in reducing the cost of services and transparency to interest customers. And the latter, in turn, see real prices for electricity inside the platform. The balanced trading platform Bittwattt is under development and will be fully ready by 2022. In each country, the project will work in accordance with local laws. Existing power producers will have to undergo verification procedures and meet a number of requirements for registration on the Bittwatt platform. To avoid problems with the law, all members of the platform have to pass KYC identification. All actions and transactions will be registered with the help of smart contracts, which prescribe individual conditions for the supply of energy. All contracts are stored on the blockchain and are executed automatically, which increases the trust of customers.

Bittwatt Token[edit]

Bittwatt project creates its own BWT token, which will be used to access the functionality of the ecosystem. It is implemented in the Ethereum network of ERC20 standard. The main function of BWT is payment of electricity bills in any part of the world. The project provides the possibility of creating new digital assets based on BWT.


  • Token name: BWT.
  • Token standard: ERC-20.
  • ICO dates: March 18 - May 28, 2018.
  • Price: 1 BWT = $0,12.
  • Soft cap: $25,300,000.
  • Hard cap: $30,400,000.
  • Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, COSS.

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